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Hello everybody. A very warm welcome to BrushMe Toothbrush Official Mobile Site. It’s been a privileged for me to be here to acknowledge everybody with this update. Feeling excited myself, BrushMe has finally been established for a decade today. Time flies, isn’t it? To me, I feel like it was just a year ago and believe it or not, it feels more like a fairytale. 


There were ups and downs along the way ever since the very beginning. Difficulties, Obstacles or Problems are the words that best described the downside while the words like Hope, Belief or Dream are for the upside. On the day that BrushMe was born, I remember very well how naive and juvenile because at that moment, it’s too dangerous or you can say “commit suicide” to jump into the market which was bloody red with world-class players such as Colgate, Oral-B or Systema. This means that the growth opportunity and the success rate were not existed. Many people around me pursuaded me a lot not to start this toothbrush brand but obviously they all failed. I did listened to everyone of them with both ears but the messages were not able to trigger my ideology. Later on with hope and dream, I created BrushMe.

The starting of BrushMe was still so clear in my memory because it came out of nowhere without any plans. The word “BrushMe” actually came from the intended thought of having my own toothbrush brand. It was chosen instead of BrushMy which sounds not really practical as well as the appearance of the word itself. This is the true story behind the name of the brand and often many people found it hard to believe. Well, at present, I wouldn’t want to believe it either and how about yourself?


BrushMe started off with 5 SKUs consisted of 3 adult and 2 kids items. The adult items were named Ocean, Pearl and Plus while the kids were Tom n Jerry and Tomb Riders. These items were manufactured in Yangzhou, China where hundreds of toothbrush factories situated. Yangzhou is a city which situates from Shanghai by 4 hours drive. 9 hours traveling time was the duration for me to get to the manufacturing plant of BrushMe with 5 hours of air flight plus the drive. Well, it was one of the most memorable experience for me during this 10 year window and I found it was fun and astonishing. Perhaps I was still young with full of energy and optimism. 


Initially, It was exceedingly slow to market BrushMe since the brand awareness was not existed. Most of the time, BrushMe failed to be accepted by clients because they were doubt about the quality, the marketing and the potential to resell to the end-users even the price was quite competitive. Flashing back to that moment, 95% was the rate of being turned down by clients. Another problem was the brand loyalty which pumped up that number. This devastating situation lasted for a year and that was one of the most difficult period without a doubt. Strategic planning, Adaptable to change, Learning from mistakes and Having faith had most of the time been utilized to drive BrushMe till present. 

Today, at the mark of exactly a decade, the only feeling I have deep down my heart is thankful, thankful because without every support or opportunities that being given by generous and graceful persons, BrushMe would not be at where we are today and definitely, the future to come.

From this moment on, BrushMe is expecting all kind of challenges that will soon arrive. However, no matter how difficult or large the challenges going to be, one thing that will remain eternally is the ideology and faith since day one. BrushMe promises to deliver toothbrush with excellent quality at affordable price for every end-users and BrushMe family members living each day with a better life.


Another acknowledgment of BrushMe new products, I’m very confident it’s going to be very exciting for everyone and I can guarantee with you, there are more to come.

Thank you everyone for everything.


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