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10 years is the period of time since the very first day of BrushMe. From time to time, there were many improvements along the way through knowledge and experience and on the other hand, there were many failures as well. 

However, the most important thing to be thankful for is the opportunity and support that BrushMe has received until today. Without a doubt, BrushMe would not be able to make it here at this milestone without everyone in the society who has been giving support every now and then. Hence, our deep appreciation goes to all our supporter from within our grateful heart.

As of now, everybody in this world is facing a major crisis by COVID-19 virus which affects our normal life, income as well as health tremendously. It is impossible to solve this obstacle at instant but by looking at our vision, we truly realize that social contribution is the best solution for the current situation.    

To celebrate our 10 years of determination as well as  meaningfully, we proudly present to you BrushMe SENIORITY which has been produced significantly for Silver Age group of people under global standards with depth of researches. BrushMe SENIORITY benefits not only its functions for usage but also features with environmental friendly specification.  

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